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Database/BI Services


We shouldn't wait until your application is complete to think about performance. System should be designed for high performance into the application from day one. We can help with that.

If there are any performance problems late in the development cycle or after release, we can help with that too.

We have worked with many software development teams. We help them create high performance databases and write fast, scalable TSQL code.

Upgrade legacy database

Many successful companies start small - a few people with a good idea and a little start-up money. With no budget for outside expertise they design their own database. It works fine while they have few employees, customers, products and sales, but if you fast forward a few years, you may find that they are no longer a small company. They have many customers, more employees and new lines of business.

They also still have the same database, but it may not be working as well any more. Under the increased load, it may have become too slow, unstable or difficult to adapt to the changing needs of the business. It may be hard for management to get critical information when it is needed. The database could now be impeding the company's ability to grow.

If this story sounds familiar, you might want to give us a call. We are experts at re-engineering legacy database applications for scalability and performance.


Why not hand off a complex SQL Server/Oracle upgrade or migration to a SQL professional? If SQL Server is not a core competency in your organization, it makes sense to have an experienced SQL Server consultant help you through it.

If you are planning a new installation of SQL Server/Oracle we can make sure you get started right. We can quickly create a properly configured, secure database environment for you.

BI Servcies

The global business industry is becoming more dynamic and challenging day by day. In order to cope up with global emerging trends, a considerable information strategy is desired in an organization to ensure right information at right time through right medium using smart business intelligence for decision makers. Our Business Intelligence services help organizations to meet their information strategy using different technology solutions.

We have a team of Business Intelligence specialists delivering Business Intelligence Solutions using tooling ranging from basic Reporting Tools built from HTML, Excel (Pivot Charts), Microsoft SQL Server platform. We have experience in working with these technologies

  • Architectural Data Modeling and Design
  • Data Warehousing & Data Integration
  • Data storage (Master Data & Data Mart)
  • Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, OLAP Cubes, Dashboards, Advanced BI techniques such as event driven BI & add-on BI tool
  • SSIS (SQL Server Integrating System) , SSRS (SQL Server Reporting System) , SSAS (SQL Server Analysis System)
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL & Oracle
  • Datazen